Tranquilo Lodge is home to some of the finest PRE horse pedigrees available in Australia. Established in 1986 - with the purchase of the beautiful Andalusian GOFA BJORN and later home to the Spanish import TRANQUILO (S.C). whom influenced the special breeding program between JOCOSO XXXII & DUTCHESS.

Our focus at Tranquilo Lodge has been to respect the remarkable qualities of the PRE horse and with doing so we have focused for many years on only one breeding program - JOCOSO XXXII & DUTCHESS. This selected program carries mainly BOCADO & MILITARY bloodlines dating back to a long line of respected horses such as VAMPIRO, ADENTRO, BILBAINO III and NAVATO just to name a few.

The past 4 years we have expanded our breeding program by introducing 3 quality breeding mares MICAELA, KELINA and the imported mare SAJONA bred by the world renown Yeguada Candau Stud, Spain.


We are also the sole distributer of frozen semen from the world renown PRE Calificado dressage sensation DONOSO VII and the coloured PRE Approved for breeding stallion ARTICO VIK who's rare colour 'Perlino CrPrlp' opens up possibility for the most interesting offspring with the gene pool of strong competitive dressage line and the rarest colours including possibility of Isabelo.

A focus to produce high quality PREs for dressage and competitions. To achieve this we must breed PREs of outstanding conformation, powerful movement and temperaments that will be able cope with high competition environments.