Breeding status: Reproductor Calificado
Breeder: Yeguada Soto Gil S.L
Colour Tested: Dark bay (EEAagg — Bay: Homozygous for black, but has one dominant agouti gene that causes the bay)

DONOSO VII is an international PRE stallion of Reproductor Calificado status. A very talented dressage stallion with an outstanding character. DONOSO VII has a complete PRE curriculum; merited from the most important championships for the PRE, currently competing PSG/Int I level and training towards GP. Frozen semen available in AUSTRALIA, USA and EUROPE.

DONOSO VII semen has proven excellent quality since 2011; In Denmark 2013 - 5 mares were confirmed in foal on first insemination and sharing only 3 doses! Donoso's first foals in Australia have arrived!

T.L Lluvia 2016 PRE Bay Filly out of Sajona (imp) bred by Tranquilo Lodge

2016 PRE Bay Colt bred by Montanya Spanish Horses

2016 PRE x Standardbred Black Colt bred by Gail Jebbett




(Note: Australian exchange rate of today's date 25/10/2016; this Australian rate will change slightly based on the pending exchange rate)

Contract 1: Frozen semen 2 doses one mare: 1000 EUR (1,467 AUD)

Contract 2: Frozen semen 3 doses unlimited mares: 1500 EUR (2,201 AUD)

Extra doses: 250 EUR (366 AUD)

Fees to be paid before delivery.
Additional doses will be distributed if necessary to a cost of 250 Euro.
Certificate is sent to mare owner after signed Breeding contract is received and before foal is born. Mare owner to pay all transport and storing costs to the facility of their choice.

All semen stored NSW AUSTRALIA under Barbara Davies of Tranquilo Lodge with a 400 AUD fee for part importation costs. Mare owner to pay all transport & storage costs to owner’s destination of choice.

Contact: Barbara Davies (Tranquilo Lodge)

Phone: 0431 790 926