Breeding status: ANCCE approved for breeding

From the eliteness of his pedigree to his gracefulness as a “majestic stallion” JOCOSO was nothing less than a magnificent tribute to the PRE world. He had far surpassed any expectations as a breeding stallion.

JOCOSO's accomplishments as a sire are now part of history of the PRE breed within Australia and the legacy lives through his sons and daughters. Bred from some of the finest sources of type & endurance, Jocoso attained many show career titles and left his courageous power on the cross-country course campaigned by John Bennett – son of gold medal Olympian Merv Bennett.

We never knew if it was the challenge of the jumps or the freedom Jocoso felt, but he always came back with a face of happiness – a look that we will remember forever.


T.L. TRANQUILA 1993 Grey Mare

T.L TRANQUILO III 1997 Grey Gelding

T.L SILVENTO Bay Stallion

T.L TRANQUILO I 2000 Grey Stallion

T.L VICTORIOSA 2004 Grey Mare