PRE 2014' Filly by T.L Tranquilo I


T.L. TRANQUILO I is a symbol of his stable name "AMIGO" meaning friend. A wonderful stallion with a cheeky, intelligent personality making him a favoured friend to many that have the pleasure in knowing him.

Tranquilo is one of 3 stallions born within the JOCOSO XXXII and DUTCHESS breeding program. This selected program carries mainly Bocado and Military bloodlines dating back to a long line of respected horses such as VAMPIRO, ADENTRO, BILBAINO III and NOVATO just to name a few.

This illustration of breeding is shown through Tranquilos' elegant regal looks, correct conformation, forward elevated movement and his main asset – strong bone structure & height. It is quite rare to find a PRE stallion that has height and bone yet keeping the true to type looks of the PRE horse.

Tranquilos' foals are truly sensational! We've had many outside mare owners repeat the breeding - that's how happy they are will their Tranquilo foals. Tranquilo stamps his offspring with beauty, temperament, movement and height! He has also produced colour! having sired a beautiful BAY Andalusian Filly.

Competition success should not be passed without mention; having been shown since a yearling in both breed and open competition under respectable Australian & international judges. Not to mention showing his trainability within the dressage arena scoring above 68%. TRANQUILO has achieved many times champion stallion at AHAA events and many times he has captivated critics eyes with his amazing loins and bone structure - a perfect component for today performance horses.






AHAA Bay 2013' Filly by T.L Tranquilo I