Breeding status: ANCCE approved for breeding

TRANQUILO (s.c.) first made his impact on Australian soil, arriving as a young colt along side his superior dam TRANQUILA (s.c.). TRANQUILA was one of 5 mares selected for import from Spain by the late Perth businessman, Mr. Ray Williams; to form part of the special breeding foundation for the elite Bodeguero Stud.

The superior bloodlines of TRANQUILO (s.c). generously portray years of ancient Carthusian and Military breeding, dating back to such prestigious breeding studs -  PEDRO SALAS GARAU - MIGUEL ANGEL DE CARDENAS LLAVANERAS - YEGUADA MILITAR DE CORDOBA - FALTO DE ANTECEDENTES.

TRANQUILO (s.c). sired 3 PRE stallions - GALO - ISADORO I and our foundation stallion JOCOSO XXXII whom was the only son of TRANQUILO (s.c). to have been crossed with an imported dam, this being the YEGUADA ROMERO BENITEZ bred mare, JOCOSA III

The PRE breed lost a great breeding stallion and we lost a horse with a huge heart and a great mind with eyes so huge you could see his heart. It was this heart that enabled him to forgive early life hardships & to find peace here at Tranquilo Lodge. It was a joy just to be able to look after Trani and to be greeted by his beauty every day. It was an honor that he was known Australia wide for his gracefulness as “A dancing white stallion” at El Caballo and respected for the beautiful, noble horse he was.